Our Pita

Our pita bread respects tradition while satisfying your appetite. We start from the simplicity of traditional family recipes and make our nutritious, artisanal bread the way you like it. We proudly use the most-wholesome, protein-rich grains. We employ local workers at our American manufacturing plant. The Pita Factory uses the “Rolls-Royce” of modern pita-making equipment: fully automated with precision computerized controls and tool-and-die cut parts. Our machinery assures efficiency, safety, and quality. Above all, The Pita Factory is committed to delivering home-style authentic taste and freshness — with every bite. That’s the kind of “word of mouth” success we are building on.

As we grow, The Pita Factory is poised to offer a cornucopia of Middle Eastern specialties. We plan on offering not only pita bread and chips, but also flatbreads, pies and other delectable “homemade” favorites.